Topic Ideas and Questions for Interviews:

Baby Boomers #1 fear is outliving their assets. What potential pitfalls should people be aware of that could sabotage their retirement plans?

• People often go to their accountant or family attorney for guidance when making financial choices such as selling their business, stock or real estate holdings. How qualified are these professionals in advanced capital gains tax planning?

• What are some misconceptions that people have when it comes to figuring exactly how much their tax bill with be?Why is looking at the long term picture so difficult for people in today’s world of instant gratification?

• What are some instances that retirees and sellers face where they could potentially lose 15-50% of their gains?

• What are the three biggest mistakes you see people make when selling their highly appreciated assets?

• How does the current housing and credit crunch affect many asset sellers?

• When might someone be forced to sell an asset?

• How is Paula Straub able to minimize a person’s tax bill and how do you differ from other advisors around the country?


Bio for Paula Straub

Paula Straub is a Capital Gains Tax Saving Strategist, a former Investment Advisor Representative and current Independent Insurance Agent and licensed Real Estate Salesperson based in Southern California. She works as a facilitator for clients who desire to minimize their capital gains tax obligation when selling highly appreciated assets such as real estate, businesses, collections, stock portfolios, etc. She is able to assist clients in all 50 states by working with experienced reputable national companies and a team of knowledgeable professionals.

Paula is an Educator, Author, Speaker, and has held professional positions with major corporations such as General Electric and General Dynamics, as well as being a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

Paula hosts a weekly Talk Radio show called "Simply Wealth" on .

Paula's unique tax strategies have already saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for her clients.

Paula’s websites include,, and Her educational resources include “The Definitive Beginner’s Guide to Potentially Saving Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Capital Gains Tax” and the “Interview with the Pros” series.